See what Vertical Soul alumni have to say about our program.

Vertical Soul Yoga teacher training provided a nurturing and rigorous environment to learn the principles of yoga. I felt the instructors and content were very helpful in understanding the scope of yoga. I was challenged to work independently, as well as with fellow students, to learn sanskrit and asana pose alignment. It was just what I was looking for to become a yoga teacher.
— Annagreta Jacobson
Thinking back on my yoga teacher training with Vertical Soul, I am overcome with deep, heart-felt gratitude. Malisa, the school’s founder, has a beautifully buoyant and joyful spirit - she was a pure pleasure to learn from and practice with. By modeling strong dedication in her own practice and life, Malisa gave us the courage to dig deep and connect with our own true selves on a higher level than I think any of us had previously. My cohort included six students; I really appreciated how the small-group atmosphere facilitated intimate discussions and long-lasting connections among us. I felt it was a very supportive and encouraging environment for self-exploration. Malisa also brought in excellent, high-caliber teachers from a wide variety of different yogic backgrounds. It was wonderful to get exposure to many different styles of yoga, teaching, and philosophy. Vertical Soul did an excellent job of catering to many different backgrounds and interests of students, while at the same time providing plenty of individual opportunity to explore more deeply those avenues that each of us connected with most personally. The wealth of knowledge, experience, and practice gained through this program have given me not only the confidence to share the beauty of a yogic life with others, but also a solid sense of balance and centering that I carry with me throughout each day. I couldn’t be happier with my YTT experience through Vertical Soul - I highly recommend this training program!
— Helen Bothwell
Vertical Soul Yoga was a deeply personal, spiritual, and profound training program. I am forever changed in my teaching, my practice and my life in ways that will exponentially continue to contribute to my growth in Yoga and all realms.
— Shannon Arnett